SUNRISE SOLARTECH 250WThe ALOSUN solar power system includes an array of high-power solar panels with polycrystalline cells (250-260W). These are sourced from a reputable manufacturer, Sunrise Solartech, who individually examine each panel during the production process. They have been tested by leading institutions and are TÜV certified for reliability and safety. The manufacturer provides a 12 year product warranty for defects in materials and processing which is backed by an international insurance policy. Each module has – a power output guarantee of 5 years at 95%, of 12 years at 90%, of 18 years at 85% and of 25 years at 80% of its capacity.

These panels are available with a German Warranty  from PZM on request. We also supply German manufactured panels if preferred. Certified according to IEC61215. Rated IP67.




Maximum power (Pm): 250 W

Short circuit current (Isc): 8.78 A

Open circuit voltage (Voc): 37.12 V

Max. power current (Imp): 8.17 A

Max. power voltage (Vmp): 29.99 V

Temperature coefficient of Isc: 0.046 % / °C

Temperature coefficient of Voc: -0.34 % / °C

Temperature coefficient of Pmax -0.45 % / °C

Maximum system voltage: DC1000 V

Wind Bearing (Pa): 2400

Pressure Bearing (Pa): 5400

The electrical data apply to standard test conditions (STC): irradiance at module level 1000 W/m2 with AM 1.5 spectrum at a cell temperature of 25°C. Power tolerances of +/- 3% can occur


Module size 1637x992x40 (mm)

Module weight 20.20 kg

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