Add the “Elios4You” and the “Power Reducer” to your ALOSUN microinverter system and maximise your self-consumption!

ALOSUN design and install correctly sized solar installations that deliver solar energy to meet daily electricity needs. Yet even the smallest system will still export power to the grid. With very little incentive to export power to the grid, we have introduced a unique device to complement our microinverter system. An award finalist at InterSolar Munich 2014. Now you can have complete control and visibility enabling you to make the most out of your solar generation.

The POWER REDUCER is an extra device – a proportional controller that redirects any exporting energy to your hot water cylinder or other immersion heater.  Contact us today to install this simple device – especially if you have been sold a solar system that’s too big.

Download the app and have a look at the demo version today. Search “Elios4You” in the App store.

Example of a 3 kW microinverter plant with Power Reducer – 2 kW are used by home appliances and 1 kW diverts automatically to the hot water cylinder.

  • Proportional controller – won’t import from the grid to heat your cylinder!
  • It provides free hot water and maximizes your solar PV
  • For hot water cylinders or resistive loads up to 3 kW
  • Easy to setup – can retrofit any older solar systems. Talk to us!
  • Easy to install