Solar Street Light – protos

The new protos –
functional solar light with appealing design.

Available from ALOSUN.

The new protos is on the market and convinces with quality and attractive design:


– Beautiful mono-crystalline solar module with 80Wp and a cell efficiency of 18.5%.
– LEDs with enhanced efficiency and improved optics in the high-quality light module.
– LiFePo4 battery with 5000 cycles at 70% DOD directly integrated in the pole.
– Light pole without battery box.
– Powder-coated light pole and light case with a uniform anthracite-coloured effect.
The light output of a solar light is determined by the incident solar radiation at the respective location, which is why the quality of the individual components and their optimum interplay are of decisive importance. This requirement is fully met by the precise controls of the protos.

The protos is the new LED solar light from photinus with the best price/performance ratio. Short mounting and dismantling times make protos the perfect luminaire for temporary application in areas without grid connection. Examples are construction sites, parking areas, access roads, open air events or industrial sites.

Solar lights up carpark

A newly installed Solar Street Light from ALOSUN is lighting up a formerly dark carpark in an industrial area in Woolston.

The PROTOS80 from PHOTINUS in Austria, is a self-sustaining Solar Street Light. The energy supply is based on an efficient mono-crystalline photovoltaic module from SOLARWATT, the inclination can be adjusted to match the longitude of the location. Intelligent control with independent day- and night-time recognition enables different time programs. The highly efficient LiFePo4 battery is located in the ground section of the pole where a constant temperature is ensured and has a life expectancy of approximately 8-10 years.

Technical data: PROTOS 80 (bigger and different models available)

  • Solar Module (Solarwatt)  80W     806mmx 640mm x 34 mm, efficiency 16%
  • Battery  LiFePo4  12V 24 Ah, operating temperature -20deg to + 60deg C
  • LED Module max 3000lm, colour temp 5000 k,  Life expectancy 50.000 hours, IP 65, insect neutral light.
  • Autonomous time with battery fully charged:  4 nights

Given the short assembling and disassembling times, PROTOS is suitable for street lighting or for temporary usage wherever cordless lighting is required.

Ideal for parking lots, access roads, outdoor events, residential streets with low traffic, cycle- and foot paths and company premises.

2016-04-12 18.29.30

PHOTINUS PROTOS80, Solar Street Light


LSHS 12V Kitset – Lighting, Fan, Radio


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This 12V LSHS lighting system has everything needed to light a 2 room home, as well as – charge phones, play the radio and provide cooling with the ceiling fan.
  • 2 x 20 W PV module c/w cable
  • 2 x Battery Box 9800
  • 2 x lights 200 c/w cable and switch
  • 2 x fb lights 200 c/w cable and switch
  • 1 x ceiling fan c/w cable and switch
  • 1 x radio and adaptor cable
  • 1 x fosera parallel cable

This equipment will operate for over 16 hours with room to spare! Thus providing a good 2-3 days operation in low sunlight conditions. Add more appliances later – such as a TV, or notebook.

Mobile Solar System for the Pacific

We offer Cyclone Proof Containerised Solar Solutions – ideal for the Pacific area. During a tropical cyclone event, the solar modules and mounting system can be packed and stored safely inside the container. The solar system in this video is a 37.8kWp solar solution with 126 solar panels and LiFePO4 battery storage (15 year life, 5 year warranty). The solar container is designed and manufactured in Germany. They are available in different sizes – 5kWp to 52kWp, and with a backup generator. Contact us.

Our engineer is visiting Papua New Guinea in November and December – if you would like to discuss this.

EL NINO UPDATE: With tropical cyclone season fast approaching, Pacific meteorological agencies are warning of above average activity with up to 13 named tropical cyclones expected between now and April. New Zealand normally experiences one ex-tropical cyclone a year, reaching as close as 550km off shore — but the prospects for other regions of the Pacific are more severe.

Tropical cyclones have a significant impact across the southwest Pacific each year, with Vanuatu and New Caledonia experiencing the most activity of the region, averaging two to three named events a year. With the elevated activity across the entire southwest Pacific region, the combined agencies issued a warning to all those in the affected areas.

It is recommended that all communities remain alert and well prepared for severe events.

At least six Category 3 tropical cyclones are expected, with wind speeds of at least 118km/h.

It is also expected that four systems could reach Category 4, meaning wind speeds of 159km/h.

Free-to-air TV to hit Pacific airwaves 

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has announced Pacific Cooperation Foundation’s (PCF) new broadcasting initiative to help support local broadcasters across the Pacific region. Prime Minister John Key said the initiative will see more NZ television content and sports coverage provided to the Pacific free of charge. “High quality television content will be available to Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea from early next year” Mr Key says.

ALOSUN supports this initiative with our 12V Solar Lighting and Television System – enabling FTA content to be watched in Pacific regions without access to electricity. This system below will enable 4-5 hours of light and television a night. The battery/charger module is plug-n-play, easy to install and will charge fully with a PV panel in 4-5 hours of sunlight.

Battery, Solar Panel, HD TV, DVD Player

Battery, Solar Panel, HD TV, DVD Player and an LED Lamp

Fair Go For Solar

Please help support the Green Party’s Fair Go for Solar Bill by adding your name! This legislation and action is designed so that New Zealanders can have a detailed conversation with industry and solar users about the best way the Government can support solar power. Solar power is a clean, renewable energy and has a key role to play helping New Zealand get closer to our 100% renewable energy goal.

Source: Fair Go For Solar –