One Microinverter per PV panel

One 250W microinverter per PV panel


These 250W microinverters convert the DC output from each panel to AC at source. Each integrated PV/microinverter module is connected together in parallel for easier installation and more effective capture of energy, even when they’re partially shaded.

A 2011 study at Appalachian State University reports that the individually integrated microinverter setup yielded about 20% more power in unshaded conditions and 27% more power in shaded conditions compared to string connected setup using one inverter. Both setups used identical solar panels. You can read the report here (Micro vs Central Inverters Shaded vs Unshaded by Dave Lee Raichle)

We supply high quality 250W solar panels with each 250W microinverter – but you can add many other PV panels, even mismatched ones. This is one of the most flexible inverters on the market.

Microinverters nestled underneath each solar panel, on strengthened aluminium roof fittings

Microinverters nestled underneath each solar panel.

Your solar array can easily be reduced or increased with microinverter technology. Compliant with AS4777.2 standards. Rated IP67. Each microinverter comes with a 15 year warranty and an expected life of 25 years.