Steps to solar power

  1. Decide how much solar power you need. Most residential homes need between 2 – 5kW. We will examine your power consumption and create a FREE energy calculation for you. For commercial, industry or civil – this will begin with a consultation. Please contact Martin Pfaff.
  2. Talk to us about your installation needs, your roof type and space. We offer full installation, but we’re also happy to consult with your trusty local registered electrician – and we offer a consultation service.
  3. We will apply to your Electricity Lines Network to gain approval. There may be a small fee to pay them, less than $200. There are 27 different networks throughout New Zealand, this detailed map shows each company’s head office locations.
  4. We will apply to your preferred Electricity Retailer. You can negotiate with them regarding import/export tariffs. They will undertake to install an import/export meter at your property.
  5. Your ALOSUN Microinverter Grid-Connected Solar Power System will be installed, in usually less than day. It will comply with current regulations and you’ll be given a copy of all the required documentation.
  6. Login to your SEDAS website – and track your power savings immediately!

Read this useful Fact Sheet from the Electricity Authority.