1. Why would I want to spend $1000’s on a solar power installation ?

  • Solar power is a terrific investment. Putting $10k in the bank will earn you maybe $4-500 in the first year. Putting $10k on your roof will earn you $750-1100 in power savings. This will potentially increase each year, and will save you thousands of dollars over the course of the solar system’s lifetime.
  • It will reduce your energy bill significantly.
  • A solar power installation will increase the value of your home.
  • You’ll feel great when you can read this website and know that you’re using power made from sunlight and not from burning coal, and using power that’s generated LOCALLY and has not travelled hundreds of kilometres.
  • You’ll help lead New Zealand towards it’s goal of having 100% renewable energy.

2. Mmmn … that’s all very nice, but I’d still much rather buy a new car; kitchen; boat; etc?

That’s your choice of course, but I suggest you read the benefits listed above one more time. This investment is not a disposable consumer item that reduces in value the minute you buy it, but it does in fact, offer ever increasing returns.

3. When will it pay itself back?

We calculate amortization periods of between 8-11 years. This depends on where you live, how much power you use, and of course, the inflation rate of power.   In 25 years, a 3kW system could easily earn you $65k+. This graph below shows how much domestic electricity prices have increased in New Zealand since year 2000:

Electricity Consumer Prices

Electricity Consumer Prices and Inflation since 1974. NOTE: Residential electricity prices escalating in recent years.

4. Where do I start? 

Contact us – with this enquiry form. We’ll want to visit your site if possible, and work out the best system for you. We have installers in Southland and Canterbury. As part of our package we will  manage all the approvals you need from your Network and Retailer.

5. What size system do I need ?

A simple way to measure this is to take a look at your online energy usage graph and see how much energy you use per hour during daylight. Then add another 1+ kWh. Because the ALOSUN system is expandable, if you find you need more solar generation – then it is as simple as adding more PV/microinverter modules. We suggest you start with this calculation, track your energy usage for a year and make adjustments as required.

Or, let us know your energy consumption, and we’ll work it out for you.


In this example, the peak power use during the day was 2.2 kWh. Add another 1kWh and a solar power system of about 3kWh would be ample. NB. The peaks in this example were created by an inefficient heating source in a home office on a cold day. Install energy efficient heaters, and a system of 2kWh may suffice. 

6. How long does it take to install ?

An experienced installer can install a 1-4 kWh per system in less than a day. Our registered electricians have experience with both commercial and residential installations.

7. Do you sell off-grid solar power solutions ?

Yes we do. We have excellent German built off-grid solutions. But if you live near a power line, we recommend grid-connected solar power systems. Please enquire about off-grid options, these need to be sized precisely to meet energy requirements. And will usually require a thorough examination of your appliances. You need to have a consciousness for energy efficiency.

8. Will this system work during a power failure?

No it won’t. But we offer a hybrid solution that will, if you want to spend an extra $1500-2500 + batteries.

9. Do you have BIPV?

Yes. We love working with architects and consultants to design building-integrated photo-voltaic systems especially for commercial or residential projects.

10. What’s so special about the ALOSUN microinverter system ?

Our system is affordableefficientsafe, simple and reliable – our core values. We have searched the planet for the best solar power system we could find. At the heart of the ALOSUN system is the ‘microinverter’ – fantastic new technology that will change the face of solar power in New Zealand. Our systems are great for every home, but also for larger commercial installations – up to 4MW (4,000kW). We specialise in researching new technology from Europe and beyond, so you can be sure you will be getting the latest in solar power developments.

11. What’s so special about the ALOSUN company ?

In Latin “ALO” means “to nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain, and keep.” We are in this business because we believe in it. We uphold environmental conservation ethics that are distilled throughout the way we live – from our urban gardens, to our support of local food producers, to our fuel-efficient vehicles, to the diligence and care we take with all our finite water and energy resources.

We believe that New Zealand needs to have 100% renewable energy and to truly uphold its 100% pure status. We also market a large range of water-saving technology – under the name of ALOAQUA – for the same reasons. We only want to invest our time, energy and money into good projects and businesses that increase the quality of life for humans, and that do not harm the planet. You can be sure that by supporting us, you will be enabling our efforts to decrease our carbon footprint.